The world has changed. In the last two years, more data was produced globally than in all of history. The volume continues to grow exponentially resulting in massive economic and societal disruption. For companies using SAP, traditional business processes are being totally transformed, with new data-driven business and economic platforms taking their place. As a result, IT has ceased being just a business enabler. In fact, designed and delivered well, technology creates growth, profit and competitive advantage. Against this backdrop, we have created Connecting SAP – two amazing days of content, networking and knowledge-sharing across three events and communities. Bringing together 400+ SAP customers, partners and thought leaders to celebrate the talent, technology, innovations and ideas that are literally transforming the way we work.


“What are the hottest issues facing
SAP Technologies customers right now?”

Months of research has led to the evolution of this unique conference program. It's a result of country-wide virtual discussions with SAP Technology industry professionals speaking their minds.